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iCom Data Systems Private Limited is established in 2008 to provide Automated Fare Collection and smart card based solutions across the globe. With data clearing & settlement background, iCom Data Systems entered into smart card related business including Automatic Fare Collection System, Electronic Voucher Management Systems. Later it expanded into Automatic Vehicle Location Systems and Fleet Management Systems.

With its dedicated team of high caliber software professionals and world class infrastructure, is well poised to meet all your customization requirements and provide life time support. We are proud to be young and energetic team with positive synergy to provide right solution to wireless operators across the globe.

Our Data Clearing House (DCH) for GSM supports TAP standards and GSMA tools to process all TAP records securely and consistently.

  • Improve decision making with prompt financial, marketing and statistical reporting
  • Protect revenues by optmizing the resources required for accounting functions
  • Assure the integrity of the data with advanced data validation and fraud protection

Our Automatic Fare Collection Systems is the state-of-the-art solution, uniquely designed with the demand of revenue services for modern transport operation. With smart card technology, we enable transport operators to expand their revenue opportunites, explore the benefits of payment integration with other transit operators as well as non-transit service providers.

  • Improve efficiency and reduce operating and maintenance cost of fare collection for transit operators
  • Reduce fare-related fraud and revenue loss through open standard, secured transaction technology
  • Provide reliable and uninterrupted operation for train, bus, road toll and retail applications etc

Much of that can be put down to our multi-skilled workforce, which is renowned for its dedication, its long service, and its excellent teamwork. Finally, we provide choice and best value, through the delivery and servicing of fully integrated systems for the transport industry

Our Mission at iCom Data Systems is to lead in the innovation, development and delivery of industry's most advanced technology solutions like GSM Data Clearing, Automatic Fare Collection and Fleet Management Systems. We translate these advanced technology solutions into value for our customers through our dedicated support & services.

iCom Data Systems works around four core values:

  • Integrity- Do the right thing for the right reason

  • Innovation- In using our proven industry knowledge and experience to develop systems that make a positively practical difference to the way that people travel.

  • Excellence- Strive to deliver the highest quality and value possible through simple, easy and relevant solutions

  • Customer First- We continuously create long-term value for customers by being responsive to their needs and requirements.

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Automatic Fare Collection (AFC)

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Smart Card

iCom is capable of producing design blue print for highly flexible and secure multi-application in the smart card. Using iCom design technique, one smart card can be used for various applications like Toll Payments, Parking Payment, Micro Payment in stores, Metro payments, etc. The design blue print is flexible in such a way that it can be used in various type of smart cards like large capacity smart cards (Mifare DESfire cards), Contactless Tickets (Mifare Ultralight), etc. iCom Smart Card can be used in a wide variety of applications over different fields.

Financial Application - Electronic Wallet, Debit & Credit Account, Secure Payment

Transportation Application - Driving License, Electronic Toll Gate, Fare Collection

Access Control System - School, Colleges, Organization

Telecommunication - SIM Card, Digital Box Access Card

Salient features of iCom Smart Card Design:

  • Compliancy to transport standards like ENV1545-1:1998, ENV1545-2:1998, ISO3166-1:2000, ISO4217:2001
  • Capable to accommodate the current zone-based system and kilometer based tariff systems
  • Scalable and evolutionary to allow for new functionality or for correction of any missing data later on
  • Key diversification using master key and some card specific data to generate a unique key for a card
  • Support highly secure three pass 3DES/AES encryption technique




iCom Data Clearing House (INDIC) is the interface to the operators to exchange billing information of the roaming calls between them. Besides billing information exchange it provides many other services to its customers like TAP format conversion, TAP files validation, tariff checking, fraud detection, invoicing, roaming agreement management. iCom DCH supports the latest GSM TAP standards and complies with the latest GSM Association processing tools that help ensure all TAP/RAP/NRTRDE records are processed securely, consistently and in the most expeditious manner.

iCom DCH offers the following GSM data clearing services:

TAP2 File Validation, Process & Transfer - RAP File Process, Acknowledge & Missing Notification - CDR Call charging/routing - Revenue Assurance - Financial Clearing - HUR, NRTRDE Services - IOT, Re-rating Services - TAP Conversion, Roaming Solution

Benefits of iCom Data Clearing House:

  • Facilitates enhanced decision making through comprehensive financial, marketing and statistical reporting
  • Improves revenue assurance through extensive data checking and fraud detection
  • Minimizes resources required to handle roaming accounting
  • Reduces communication charges through alternative data clearing solutions
  • Improves operating performance with one-stop solution for data clearing and settlement needs
  • Latest GSM standards ensure clearing and settlement of future enhanced services
  • Enhances customer experience with dedicated support person for every account

For more details visit www.icomdch.com

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Automatic Fare Collection (AFC)

Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) System is a contactless smartcard based end-to-end solution for fare collection and payment. The state-of-the-art solution is uniquely designed with the demand of revenue services for modern transit operation in mind. Furthermore, with the advent of smartcard technology and proliferation of its business applications, AFC also enables transit operators to expand revenue opportunities, exploit the benefits of payment integration with other transit operators as well as non-transit service providers. iCom Automated Fare Collection System aims to increase the service quality of public transportation in the cities with prepaid and contactless smartcards. By eliminating the use of cash, it helps public and private operators to provide a fast, easy and safe transportation. iCom offers a more economical transportation for the passengers and at the same time helps public transport companies to collect and distribute their revenues safely on an electronic basis.

Key Characteristics of iCom AFC System:

  • Integrate with a variety of equipment: Fare Gates, Ticket Vending Machine (TVM), Booking Office Machine (BOM), Ticket Checking Machine (TCM) and Card Recharging Terminals
  • Fast and secured transaction using proven technologies such as mutual authentication, DES/3DES, AES algorithm etc
  • Networked, distributed system using industry standard SNMP for system configuration and monitoring
  • Utilizes IS014443 Type A/B or C contactless technology
  • Able to integrate with new ticket media or existing magnetic ticket system
  • Scalable transaction database handles high-sustained transaction rate
  • Can include Central Clearing and Settlement System for multi-operators and service providers

Benefits of iCom AFC System:

  • Improve efficiency and reduce operating and maintenance cost of fare collection for transit operators
  • Ease-of-use for commuters, increased passenger flow in and out of stations and transit vehicles
  • Multi-application capability & interoperability enable targeted pricing, loyalty programmes, cross-marketing
  • Reduce fare-related fraud and revenue loss through open standard, secured transaction technology
  • Provide reliable and uninterrupted operation for train, bus, road toll and retail applications etc

iCom AFC System consists of 5 Tier Systems:

  • Tier0 is basically the fare media, smart cards where customer info, funds are stored. Data are accessed securely using 3DES encryption based on transport protocol complies with part ISO 14443
  • Tier1 is front-end equipment/devices, which are used to serve the commuter. These consist of Ticket Vending Machines, Fare Gates, Booking Office Machines, Mobile and Hand-Held Terminals and Ticket Recharging Machines etc. Typically the requirement for each implementation may vary in terms of he quantity of the equipment/devices
  • Tier2 is Depot/station systems, whose primary role is to provide the usage data collection, downloading of fare related parameters to the AFC equipment; control, monitoring and management of the AFC equipment. Its secondary role is to provide the station reports (if required) and support the sales office and customer service. It is able to function independently should there be a failure in the communication link with the Tier 3 Back Office System
  • Tier3 is Back Office System and it is the AFC management centre which is responsible for generating reports, receiving ticketing data from station computer, sending control command, downloading system parameter and ticket price list to station computer
  • Tier4 is the Central Clearing house, provides financial management and other services to the operators such as Clearing and settling of funds, Common reporting and Apportionment of revenue between operators

Operators can receive daily custom designed reports such as:

  • Finance report
  • Issue Report
  • Card Report
  • Systems Report
  • Audit Reports

By providing these special services, iCom increases the efficiency and service quality of public transport operators and avoids revenue loss. Prepaid smartcards can be sold and recharged easily all over the city through a widespread kiosk network.

Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL)

Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) is a computer based tracking system that makes fleet management powerful and intelligent than ever. Automatic Vehicle Locating is an advanced method of remote vehicle tracking and monitoring. Each vehicle is equipped with an AVL unit that receives signals from the GPS satellites. The GPS receiver determines its current location, speed and heading. This data can be stored or can be directly transmitted to an operating centre. Current position can be displayed on a PC in digital maps.

iCom Automatic Vehicle Location is based on:

  • GPS (Global Positioning System)
  • GSM (Global standard of mobile communication)

iCom Automatic Vehicle Location feature includes:

  • Locate and Monitor
  • Digital Communication
  • Remote Sensing & Control
  • Safety and Security
  • Vehicle usage data

Automatic Vehicle Management (AVM)

iCom Automatic Vehicle Management (AVM) transmits real time data to the control center at specified time intervals via GPRS connectivity. The data makes it possible to locate the vehicle and determine its speed and mileage. Tracking of vehicles can be done simultaneously so that driver violations and faults are determined easily and passenger complaints are considerably minimized. It Works independently in all operating systems by a web application. Operators can follow up their vehicles with their special admin name and password wherever there is an internet connection.

iCom Automatic Vehicle Management feature includes:

  • Designate vehicle departing its itinerary
  • Designate time period required to go between two stops
  • Send messages to one or to all vehicles from the dispatching center
  • Enforce vehicles not to be used outside set purposes
  • Transfer reports about drivers exceeding the required time
  • Enforce speed and time limit rules and thus decreases the number of accidents
  • Facilitate analysis of vehicle and driver efficiency
  • Help to validite information sent by drivers to the operation center

iCom Automatic Vehicle Management Reports:

  • Mileage/Speed report
  • Traffic density report
  • Bus stop density report
  • Itinerary rules report
  • Vehicle departure report
  • Vehicle arrival report
  • Bus journey report
  • Journey planning report

Automatic Fleet Management (AFM)

iCom Automatic Fleet Management (AFM) - powerful management tool installed in a fleet headquarters and across a fleet of vehicles to log all transactions and make data available for shore-based managers to compare operational and financial performance against a range of parameters. Fleet Management System breaks new ground in cruise IT software by providing managers and operators with a multi-dimensional revenue analysis facility which can be tailored to dovetail exactly with a cruise line’s existing systems. The system enables operating performance comparison between different vessels and different routes, allowing a whole new approach to marketing strategy and itinerary planning.All transactions, revenue flows, passenger demands, purchases, activities and movements are constantly logged, facilitating a daily fleet-wide management accounting system and an instant snapshot of overall fleet performance. And the Company’s Materials Management System (MMS) can also be integrated.

iCom Automatic Fleet Management (AFM) includes GPS, digital mapping and wireless technologies, which enable hosted and mobile applications. The system is able to perform a number of functions, including route and time planning, and management and reporting of fleet movement, and also is able to monitor driver habits, and report back on them. The driver score system monitors and assesses the driver against a performance index, based on things like speeding, harsh acceleration and braking, and then calculates a score of from one to 100 for the driver each trip. It is used to track both fleet deployment and the road behaviour of drivers, to improve safety and decrease maintenance on the vehicles.

Detailed reports on individual assets such as vehicles can show total running costs for that vehicle. Vehicle tracking information can show how much fuel has been used and help to suggest cheaper alternative routes. This combined data from personnel can help a business to see where efficiencies can be achieved.

    Benfits of iCom Automatic Fleet Management:

  • Improves the business operation efficiency by real time tracking of vehicle status
  • Meets the consignor's demand by temperature management of frozen and refrigerated freights, and preservation of freshness.
  • Fleet management with well considerations to safety and environment by monitoring excess speed and rapid acceleration/deceleration.
  • Build a consistent logistics system from the upstream process to downstream process by cooperation with the system for procurement, production, sales, and collection.

iCom Automatic Fleet Management feature includes:

  • Online tracking
  • Tracking several vehicles on the map simultaneously
  • Zoom guard
  • Polling the vehicle for last position report
  • Zoom in, Zoom out Movement
  • View a vehicles on separate maps
  • Different map format importing facility

  • Send messages from call center to each vehicle and vice versa
  • Offline download
  • Read the recorded GPS information at end of each trip by flash memory card
  • Report - Different system reports and display the results on the map or table format


  • Monitoring and tracking of money transfer Vans, Prison vans, police vehicles, Organization Vehicles, distribution channel fleet, trucks or heavy vehicles and ambulances.

Electronic Voucher Management (EVM)

iCom Electronic Voucher Management (EVM) is a readily available application software that manages the electronic vouchers sales and distribution. It is used for mobile recharge/top-up, DTH recharge, Calling Cards, Bill Collection and it can be extended to any value added customer centric solution dynamically. It is an innovative solution designed to facilitate the distribution of prepaid mobile vouchers, Prepaid Gas/Electricity cards, PIN-less recharge through a chain of POS terminals deployed at retailer's desk. It is secured with Triple DES Data Security Encryption Standard (3DES) mechanism to protect all vital information.

iCom EVM product is offered in following flavours:

  • Offline - POS using contactless smart card technology
  • EVM System with mPOS Terminal retrieving voucher pins from contactless smart card (Offline)

  • Offline - PC using contactless smart card technology
  • EVM System with PC Based Terminal retrieving voucher pins from contactless smart card (Offline)

  • Online - POS using internet access via GPRS
  • EVM System with mPOS Terminal retrieving voucher pins from Voucher Database connected via GPRS or Internet (Online)

  • Online - PC using internet access
  • EVM System with PC Based Terminal retrieving voucher pins from Voucher Database connected via GPRS or Internet (Online)

Mifare Card Security:

  • 7 byte UID is fixed, programmed into each device during production and cannot be altered and ensures the uniqueness of each device
  • Prior to data transmission a mutual three pass authentication can be done between EV1 Card and PCD using either 112/168-bit 3DES or AES
  • Encrypted data transfer: 16/32-bit CRC is calculated and attached to stream. The resulting stream is encrypted using the cryptographic method
  • Diversified keys contribute to gain an effective anti-cloning mechanism and increase the security of the original key

Benefits using iCom Electronic Voucher Management:

  • Improves operator efficiency, generates additional revenue, and provides organized services to subscriber
  • Access to Online web portal to service prvoider, authorised partners to help them decide product branding
  • Reduces cost and increases overall profit margin by moving away from physical recharge scratch cards
  • Flexible, scalable EVM application which requires virtually no-customization to launch new products
  • Helps to lead in market and respond quickly to competition strategies
  • Easily maintainable Centralised accounting and voucher distribution systems
  • Real-time tracking and monitoring of business performance
  • Customized reports for Distributor & Retails for audit
  • Reduce fraud/theft risk by using 3DES encryption

iCom Point of Sale (iPOS)

iCom point of sale(iPOS) is a point of sale application designed for touch screens, supports ESC/POS ticket printers, customer displays and barcode scanners. It is multiuser providing product entry forms, reports and charts. It offers a truly unique, complete POS computerized retail sales and inventory control system for retail stores, salons and hospitality businesses. Plus it offer a variety of associated products and services which will work together to make managing your business easier.

iCom point of sale(iPOS) provides the most intuitive user interface of any popular POS software, while maintaining a high level of performance and scalability. iPOS is well suited for multiple unit operations such as franchises but is also ideal in a small 1 or 2 terminal environment. The level of performance attainable is limited only by choice of database server, so the system can grow as the business does.

  • Works with a mouse as it does with a touch screen and can use thermal or dot matrix POS printers to write guest receipts and kitchen slips
  • Easily assign cashier, manager, and BackOffice access to each user. It controls the access to the various sales function based on the roles.
  • Tracks entire inventory, including pricing and quantities. Run detailed reports, including automatic reorder reports for any item.
  • Provides an intuitive interface to process sales quickly and keep lines moving. Training cashiers and managers take minutes.
  • Generates detailed sales reports that record margins and measure the effectiveness of the pricing.

iCom point of sale( iPOS) produces various operation reports like:

  • Inventory Status Reports
  • Sales Reports
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly Reports
  • Void Sale Reports
  • Customer Loyalty & Trend Reports
  • Re-order Level Reports
  • Credit Card/Debit Card Reports
  • Sales by Hour/Category Reports
  • Sales by Station/Operation Reports

iCom Academics System (IAS)

iAS is a complete Enterprise solution from iCom Data Systems which covers all aspects of Universities, Colleges or Schools. It practically covers the entire area of operations of the university. covers every minute aspects of a universities work flow and integrates all processes with user friendly interface. The system is based on enterprise web portal technology for the realization of presentation tier and web services for interconnection between middle tiers.

iAS solution includes:

  • Mobile App for Student Communication
  • Email Integration for Alerts
  • Smart Card based Attendance System
  • Website Integration for Inquiry & Admission
  • RFID Controlled Library System
  • SMS Integration for Notification